Jo Anne Studevant: Not another parking lot

July 11, 2014 

Not another parking lot

I was as excited as anyone when Cary landed the 700-plus jobs that MetLife was bringing to our area. But what were Cary leaders thinking when they approved the building plans for the location along Weston Parkway?

I drive back and forth on that road multiple times each day, and I always appreciated the “parkway” feel with the trees lining the street to obscure buildings. Not only has MetLife cleared away all the trees, they have put an even less-desirable parking structure right up front for drivers to see.

Most, if not all, of the buildings currently located on Weston Parkway have a tree buffer zone, and there is no parking lot or structure located right on the road. Now they are clearing away all the trees from the area right next to it.

One of the reasons I moved to North Carolina was that I appreciated all the green instead of concrete. Please tell me that we will not be looking at another parking structure in the next lot.

Jo Anne Sturdevant


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